Canon Loyalty Program – Return Your Old Broken [Qualifying] Camera & Get A Discounted Replacement


I just read about Canon’s Loyalty Program. Essentially, if your qualifying digital Canon camera (see list below) dies/breaks, you can call in to Canon and they will give you a refurbished replacement at a reasonable discounted cost.  This is pretty handy considering my Canon G9 decided to go to sleep and never wake up last week. Hope this helps some folks out!

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See below for instructions and details.


Information below from

Customer Loyalty Program’s direct number is 866-443-8002, option 2 for digital camera upgrades.

Also see excerpt of Canon Order Confirmation at the bottom of this summary.

In-stock orders cannot be modified or canceled! That said, here are the four easy steps:

1) Specify that you have a broken Canon XYZ camera and would like to know what the loyalty upgrade options are. They will try to transfer you to a technician, but you can tell them you just want to know the prices first and the rep can give them to you.

2) Once you are ready, call again. This time, you will get transfered to a technician, who will ask you to desribe the issues. They would verify that 1) it’s broken* and 2) it’s out of warranty (just say you’ve had it for a over a year). Then, he would ask for the broken camera’s serial number, your name, phone, address and email.

(*TIP: if you specify water damage, e.g., it won’t turn on after it got wet, they will accept it as broken for sure)

3) The technician will give you the prices as well, then transfer you back to the loyalty program rep, who will take your name, phone, address again as well as your credit card. You will get the order number.

Shipping options: 
$10 2-business days
$20 1-business day

Plus state sales tax where applicable

4) Canon will ship you the replacement camera with Fedex signature required, along with a prepaid Fedex label and a box for you to ship your broken camera to them. You must ship it to them within 10 business days to avoid unreturned product fee. You only need to ship the camera body, so you can keep all accesories (batteries, charger, straps, etc.).





Digital SRL options, trade in any Canon DSLR to get (9/17/2009):
Canon XS, $359
Canon 50D Body Only, $629 
Canon 50D with 28-135 Lens, $759

Don’t forget to add applicable taxes!!!

S10, S30, S40, S45, S50, S60, S70 (SX110 SI was not offered), S100, S200, S230, S300, S330, S400, S410, S500, SD100, SD110, SD200, SD400, SD550, SD600, SD630, SD700-IS, SD800-IS, SD870-IS, SD1000, S1-IS, S2-IS, G2, G5 trade for:
SX110 IS (upd 7/16/2009) – $130 (upd 8/18/2009, 125 to 130)
SD890 IS (upd 7/16/2009) – $150
SX10 IS (upd 7/16/2009) – $200
Rebel XTI with 18-55 mm lens (upd 7/23/2009) – $350

SD850 IS – $150
G9 – $250 – NEW price as of 8/28/08: $359 – $275
Rebel XT Silver with 18-55 mm lens – $299 No longer backordered as of 8/23/08, Price RAISE to $299

A40, A50, A60, A70, A75, A80, A95, A510, A520, A530, A540, A610 trade for:
A590 (upd 8/12/2009) – $79
SD1100 (upd 8/12/2009) – $99
SX110 IS (upd 8/12/2009) – $129

A400 trades for:
A460 – $79
A560 – $89
SD750 – $100

SD10 trades for:
SD890 – $150
SX110 – $175
G9 – $275

SD750 trades for (as of 9/4/09):
SX110 – $129
SD890 – $149
SX10 – $199

Camcorders Elura2MC, zr80 trades for: 
zr800 – $150
dc220 – $210
hg10 – $599

Some cameras are too new to be in the program:

Videocameras older than 2001 are also not in the program. NOTE: Cameras with a particular CCD problem qualify for free shipping (and free repair/replacement). 
Affected Models:
Camcorders: ZR60, ZR65 MC, ZR70 MC, ZR80, ZR85, ZR90, ELURA 40 MC, ELURA 50
Digital Cameras: A60, A70, A75, A300, A310, S230, SD100, SD110, A40, A80, A85, A95, S1 IS, S60, S200, S330, S400, S410, S500


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13 thoughts on “Canon Loyalty Program – Return Your Old Broken [Qualifying] Camera & Get A Discounted Replacement”

  1. I have a A630 that says when I turn on: Lens error, re-start camera
    Since it is too new to be in the program. What can I do? Can it be fixed?
    Thank you,

  2. In October of 2009 I received a refurbished Canon from the Loyalty Program. It cost $79 after I sent them my broken model, which was causing sudden battery drain. The refurbished cameras carry a 90 day warranty. My refurbished model developed the same problem that my original camera did, after I had it 120 days. I called the company and they said, of course, it was out of warranty, and I was eligible to buy one from the Canon Loyalty Program. I told him I didn’t want any more of their junk, and I expected a camera to last more than 4 months. No more Canons for me. Loyalty, ha! What about Canon’s loyalty to their customers?

  3. Just curious, would a Canon Powershot G10 probably be too new? I have a A620 as well. They are both completely broken.

    I was hoping to either buy another Powershot, or a Rebel

    1. I would give it a shot! I just replaced my G9 with the a refurbished G11 for $250 + shipping. I love the G11! Saved $200 on buying one from scratch. They also offered some deal on a Canon Rebel model for around 300-350 I believe. Give it a try, its pretty easy to make the call and figure out. Let me know how it goes.

  4. Think twice before you buy a refurb from Canon. Bought a T2i. Died after a couple of days. Now they want $250 to repair it.

    1. Why don;t you get it fixed under warranty. All cameras bought under the Loyalty program have a minimum 90 day warranty.

      Me thinks you telling a fib and like to whine!

  5. i have heard of your cannon loyalty program. If i could return my broken camera and get a refurbished or a new one. that would be great. I have taken so many photos with my camera and am not able to view them anymore

  6. Make sure you do your homework first.

    There was a recall on a Canon camera I own and the dealer I bought it from never notified me and apparently never sent in the warranty card (filled out at the store). Because the camera was too old by the time I found out, Canon wouldn’t honor their offer of paying shipping both ways and fixing the camera. Tech support referred me to CLP.

    I should have done better research beforehand:

    1) Canon refurb prices are higher than you pay for the same item, non-gray market, new, with a 1-year warranty. CLP discount in my case put the item about $10 less than just buying it new online.

    2) They add in the cost of the old item’s recycling shipping label, shipping to you and whatever other old stock they decide to include as a “premium” before applying a lump discount amount. A 2G SD card too slow to use in the refurb in my case, even after I told the salesperson I didn’t want or need a memory card.

    3) The people at the customer support line (phone # mysteriously missing from the emails about my transaction) do not give a rat’s patoot how much money you’ve given Canon over the years (A70, SX10 is, 2 X SX20 is, 2 X Pixma printers, 60D kit, plus recommendations to friends and at work resulting in sales). After seeing the SD card included in the total (then included in my “discount” – yay) I decided to return the CLP item (inner box unopened) I had purchased. They absolutely would not pay for return shipping on the item I purchased, even though part of the deal is a shipping label to send the original, unrepairable item back.

    4) A refurb may be a damaged box, demo or some other harmless reason it can’t be sold as new or it may be an item that died in warranty and had to be torn down and rebuilt — there’s no way to know and the 90-day warranty, instead of 1 year, reflects their commitment to the product.

    Summation: Avoid CLP like the plague. It exists to flog old stock at a still hefty profit. They could have made me happy by honoring the original recall, minus the cost of actually doing a repair, by paying shipping both ways. They would not budge and were astonishingly rude.

    I’m not cheap, I paid retail for the 60D to support a local camera shop. I just won’t tolerate $ above all behavior from a company I really have been loyal to for decades.

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