Easy Way to Send Big Files Online – YouSendIt.com Review


Being a photographer, you will regularly face the issue of sending multiple images/files at once. There are many options for digital file transfer out there like getting your own FTP, sending multiple emails, or fedex’ing digital drives, but I have a easy solution that will work for most: YouSendIt.com

Sending a file using YouSendIt.com is easy:

  • You start by creating a free account with them. Only takes a few seconds.
  • You either login to their website or download their MAC/PC compatible software (see screen shot above).
  • You enter the recipient(s), choose your subject line, chose the file(s) you want to send up to 100 megabytes and click send
  • Your file is then uploaded to yousendit.com’s server (if you chose multiple files or a folder, which is only available using a paid account, they are zipped and then uploaded unless you choose otherwise)
  • Download links are sent to you (the sender) and your recipient list via their regular email inboxes. At that point they have 14 days to just click the link from that email and download the file to their computer (up to 100 times each file). It’s very easy!

Want to be able to send files larger than 100 megs (up to 2 gigs) or multiple files or folders at once? That will cost you a monthly membership fee. You can see the various paid account options and services [CLICK] HERE. I personally use the “PRO” account option for $9.99/month.

I like yousendit.com because it is quick and easy and does not put additional strain on my website server, especially when sending clients huge files.


2 thoughts on “Easy Way to Send Big Files Online – YouSendIt.com Review”

  1. I agree, Douglas. Yousendit is an excellent solution for those away from their ftp software, or who just don’t want to deal with ftp logins.

    It’s also a nice solution for clients to send YOU their files that are too large for email. That way, you don’t have to teach them how to use ftp software.

  2. YouSendIt is phenomenal…. however I switched to b2bfiles.net as it allows free file delivery up to 2G for 2 deliveries per month.

    I use b2bfiles.net for larger files and yousendit.com for smaller files as the new limit is not sufficient sometimes.

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