Mad Max Interceptor Replica Photoshoot


Did this photoshoot in Los Angeles earlier in May of Writer / Director (and Mad Max enthusiast) Paul Miller and his replica Mad Max Interceptor. You can check out Paul’s website:

This shoot is part of a much larger photo series I have been working on called the Unicorn Project. That series is dedicated to the collectors of movie cars, tv cars, and other unique rare vehicles.

More photos and video after the jump…

vimeo Direkt

Above, I have posted a short behind-the-scenes video from the photoshoot.



6 thoughts on “Mad Max Interceptor Replica Photoshoot”

  1. sick car…Quick photo question..Why are you shooting with the main diffusion panel off your softbox? You still have the inner diffusion panel on correct?

  2. Location .. Location .. Location..

    Why his backyard garage ???..

    couldn’t you find a local old gas station or a cliff top or even a park???..

    i’m betting your feeling just as disappointed after all that effort too eh ?

    1. A completely valid feeling. This series is about the collectors as much as it is about their cars. Some have huge warehouses or farmhouses, others have backyard garages. I will be doing other interceptor shoots on-location in the future. This was a portrait of the collector and his space. Other portraits of other owners took place near their homes, garages, and workshops. Many more shoots and cool cars coming!

      1. ok look, I’ll help you out ok.. what with me being in Australia and all that, tell you what mate.. just pack the beast into a container and send it downunder to me, and i’ll take it for a spin over to the same highway that mad max was shot on.. we go for authenticity here you see :)

  3. … Most of the car scenes are just outside Melbourne. Many of the car-chase scenes for the original Mad Max were filmed near the town of Lara, just north of Geelong (Victoria, Australia). The movie was shot with a widescreen anamorphic lens, the first Australian film to use one…

    just happens that I live in Melbourne :)

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