My Test of the GoPro Hero Wide On-Vehicle Digital Video Camera

Mounted to the front bumper with the supplied suction cup mount

You may have remembered my original blog post of the Hero Wide HERE

I ordered one of these puppies for myself and just got it in the mail today. It cost me $216.98 (before shipping) for GoPro’s Motorsport HERO WIDE digital video camera and 2 gig SD card. I was so excited to try it out I couldn’t wait to take it out in the rain.

Check out the sample video below:

vimeo Direkt

The camera takes 2 x AAA batteries and an 2 gig SD card, which should allow for up to an hour of digital video footage, and is enclosed in a durable waterproof housing. It is equipped with a wide-angle lens capable of capturing 170 degrees of view and has a 5 megapixel still camera sensor. Although I wouldn’t use it as your everyday still camera due to the heavy noise in the still photos (not a surprise for such a small lens and digital sensor). I was pleased with how easy it was to use and mount to my car.

The camera records sound, but its pretty crummy. It sounds like….well…the microphone is under water. You hear lots of hissing and pops with faint sounds of engine noise in the background.  The video resolution is a little low than I’d like (512 x 384), but the camera is an incredible value for the price based on its competitors in the market. You can purchase different ways to mount the camera to things from the gopro website such as: helmets, handlebars, windows, and straps (like a backpack strap).

I plan on using this camera to film when I drive different unique vehicles I have been and will be photographing.  I may even try to mount it to my dog in the near future :)

Mounted to the side of my vehicle
Mounted to the side of the vehicle

Below is a video supplied by GoPro showcasing the different possible applications for the camera with its different mounts:

5 thoughts on “My Test of the GoPro Hero Wide On-Vehicle Digital Video Camera”

  1. very cool..have you seen Laforet’s similar setup for the 5d II? Trusting a suction cup on the 5d would make me nervous…

  2. Great video, good illustration of the light condition capabilities of the GoPro.

    What’s the music if I may ask? Catchy…

  3. funny you test this camera out we have it in our online store in I tested one snowboarding it was a nice cam to do outdoor activitiy but of coarse the sound quality is horrible, of coarse this is to use mostly with no sound.

  4. Just wondering if you could use this in an InfraRed mode. What’s the cost? Any way to keep the lense free of raindrops?

    I REALLY need to find an IR camera for my car. Way too many deer bolting out into the road.

    Please get back to me asap.

    THanks; Larry

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