What’s in my camera bag? (Tips from a traveling commercial photographer edition)

A peek inside my primary camera bag...
A peek inside my primary camera bag...

Last week I did a review of my favorite camera bag, the Think Tank Aiport Security. This week I’ll go into more detail and explain the contents of my primary travel camera bag (this does not include any of my lighting cases that also fly with me… that is entirely a different entry). A lot of people have emailed me asking what I use on the road, considering I am constantly on the road doing shoots. I hope this answers your questions. I provided hotlinks throughout the list in case you wanted to pickup any of this out for yourself. Feel free to message/comment with any questions you may have.


Again, I hope this helps! Feel free to post questions.

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3 thoughts on “What’s in my camera bag? (Tips from a traveling commercial photographer edition)”

  1. Hi Douglas,

    I found this post by you extremely helpful. I am a film student about to graduate and have experience as a Director of Photography in film and video. I just recently became extra interested in still photography and I ordered a 5D Mark II last night along with a 24-70mm 2.8L lens and some accessories. I must admit I am rather amateurish when it comes to still photography lighting and I was hoping you could recommend some nice portable lighting equipment and where I might be able to find it. Is it possible to get by without a flash unit? I read a lot of post on b&h about the new 580ex II and there being problems with communications with the slave unit. If you have heard about this, is a slave flash a must have? Any advice you could give me on lighting would be wonder. A “Whats in my light kit?” post would be amazing!


    -Stephen Marshall

  2. What do you think of the autofocus between the 5DMII & 7D? I love full frame but have heard they re-engineered the autofocus to be fast and crisp. Thoughts??

  3. @Stephen, all (just saw his post was from 2009, but hope this helps others):

    Unless you really need ETTL capability with the 580exIIs…. or want to shoot with it ON camera all the time in auto mode (ugh-ly), I would HIGHLY recommend saving your $500 (each!) and buying 2-3 other flashes that you can use in manual. has a lighting101 series with a few good flash options.
    Then you’d think about wireless triggering, modifiers, etc.

    I have two 580exII flashes, and now I use them completely in manual (even when I have them on camera) and wish I would’ve saved the money :P

    If you look around, you’ll find you can do just about any basic lighting job with two of these small, cheap flashes….if you learn how to light! :) Joe McNally’s books also helped me a ton, but he uses a lot of ETTL (because he can afford a TON of gear).

    Good luck,

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