A Sweet Gift From Canon Professional Services (C.P.S.) Came In the Mail!

Goodies from C.P.S.

Goodies from C.P.S.

Canon recently “revamped” their special service/repair/loaner program for their “professional” customers. I have been a CPS member for years now, but had to re-apply when they announced the new program. To qualify, you have to prove that your work is published and you have to own a certain amount of Canon’s professional-level camera bodies and lenses.  Below is a description of the new C.P.S. membership levels and their benefits. I opted for the “Gold” level membership for now (don’t plan on destroying too many lenses this year), but I can always upgrade to “Platinum.” After paying my membership fee, Canon sent me a cool welcome package including: new membership card, CPS rush repair forms and pre-filled mailing labels, extra lens and camera body caps, extra camera body eyecups, a 2009 planner, equipment brochures, a sweet new CPS camera strap, and even a hard cover book filled with photography captured using their current professional-level lenses and cameras. Thanks for the goodies Canon!

CPS Programs Descriptions
CPS Program Descriptions

“Canon U.S.A. has revamped its Canon Professional Services (CPS) program. The changes we have made provide the full-time professional photographer, depending on membership level, valuable benefits and services. We have updated the application process and moved it solely on-line to make it easier for full-time professional photographers to become members. The new program offers three levels of membership – Silver, Gold and Platinum – to qualifying members, with each level receiving better and more extensive benefits. This new CPS program is designed to provide the appropriate level of service for each professional demographic and support members with faster service, loan equipment, and a range of other benefits as listed in the membership section.”

Canon’s CPS website: http://canonusa.com/cps/

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8 thoughts on “A Sweet Gift From Canon Professional Services (C.P.S.) Came In the Mail!”

  1. Hey, I agree with you. I just recieved my package from Canon and it was like Christmas, I just loved the book The Eyes of EOS, and am so excited to sit down with it and a cup of coffee and dream of lenses I want to own! Hey, you can let Canon know if they want to test any, I’m willing.

  2. I’ll let you know what’s in the new 2010 European welcome pack when I get it. I had to re-register this year as the program rolls out to Canon Europe.

    Unlike our American colleagues, we get complimentary membership. It’s totally free to be a Platinum member. You just need three qualifying bodies (I have 3 x 5D2s), and 4 qualifying platinum lenses (any of the L lenses will do). That’s it for joining.

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