Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone for the Canon 5D mk 2 – Video Review

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Thanks to my loyal assistant, Mr. Winston Churchill Sonders, for being so patient and furry. Here is a video review of the MKE 400 microphone for your digital SLR video camera.

Key Features (from the B&H website):

• Switchable Sensitivity
The MKE 400 features switchable sensitivity for optimum results when capturing long and short distances.
• Integrated Shockmount
Easily mounted onto any accessory shoe, the integrated shockmount effectively suppresses handling and vibration noise.
• Efficient Battery Operation
The MKE 400 is powered up to 300 hours on a single AAA alkaline battery.
• Durable All Metal Construction
The all metal construction provides a durable, rugged frame for rigorous professional and consumer operation.






You can purchase the microphone from B&H Photo HERE


17 thoughts on “Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Microphone for the Canon 5D mk 2 – Video Review”

  1. Doug, Thanks for this quick presentation. Great gadget. Winston is such a model :) I have 7-month old boxer (Buster) but he is nowhere near as patient as Winston. Take care ! – J

  2. I have the Nikon D90 and I love it but I can’t find a shot gun mic for it. I think I might have to do a work around. I’ve seen guys take a zoom audio recorder or a regular audio recorder, so I might have to do something like that but with a shotgun mic.

    any other ideas?

  3. No, only hdmi out, A/V out, usb gps and dc in and I know there’s no work around with those. I originally wanted the Mark II but it was too much for me right now, so I thought the D90 was good compromise and price range for features. Performance I of the video is very good, except for panning to fast makes the video wobble a little. but its hard to tell after quick multiple shot edits in final cut.

    I think the only work around is a separate audio recording is maybe the only way. I’ve got good HD video, but now its time for good Audio.

    I found this I think this is what I might do

    1. Take a look at our Video/DSLR kit we have designed this for the very use you are looking for. It sounds amazing and you get everything you need in the one kit. Its very light weight and has incredible side and rear rejection

  4. thanks for the great video doug.. do you know at what point (if any) the microphone enters the frame.. as you approach more and more wide angle?
    one of my main lenses is the 24mm, and im hoping the mic doesn’t loom in the frame.

  5. I am testing the mike with the D3s and have found you need the fuzzy donkey dong…. do the outside test again… its only $50 extra…. well worth it… and love your work. You rock!!!

    Bryan V

  6. What’s the point of taking it outside and just recording the wind? That’s not how people actually use the camera and mic. They are far more likely to be filming someone talking -just as you were on the couch. I think you should redo the test and show what it sounds like from the couch with and without the external mic.

  7. I’ve tested this mic outside a lot, It’s very good but,if your filming in a windy areas/days, the wind setting isn’t much good to filter out the rumble given the nature of the exposed mount position on the top of the 5d

    so here’s my tip, buy 2 beany/wolley hats, wrap then over the mic and that generally does the trick to break the wind rumble unless your filming into the teeth of a hurricane, loss of quality is minimal, in fact i think it softens the sound/pitch much nicer..

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